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Whether you are first time home buyer and looking to purchase your next home or investment property, JSD Legal, LLC will assist you through each step of the process. Choosing the right real estate attorney to represent you is crucial to your purchase. Whether you a purchasing new construction, a resale, or a short sale, Mr. Scotto D’Aniello’s extensive experience ensures competent and diligent representation for dozens of home buyers each month.

A majority of the time when you decide to purchase a new home, it is likely that you will choose a real estate brokerage firm to assist you with finding the right home, taking you to open houses, and helping you negotiate a preliminary contract. Once your decision to purchase is made, is now critical to allow a firm such as JSD Legal, LLC to ensure that not only are your legal rights protected, but that the process moves along swiftly and effectively. Many first-time homebuyers may not know that after the initial contract is signed, the clock is ticking to ensure that the parties complete this portion of the Closing by entering and ultimately concluding Attorney Review. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello personally deals with each of his clients to ensure that all of their questions answered, but further to assist his clients through any contract negotiations throughout the entire closing.

Attorney Review

Once the initial contract is signed, the parties will enter into a period of the closing that is known as the Attorney Review. Many of times, a Realtor presents you with a standard contract known as the “Statewide New Jersey Realtors Standard Form of Real Estate Sales Contract”. During this pivotal part of the Closing, Mr. Scotto D’Aniello will not only review the contract to ensure that all of your interests are protected, but will attach and include a Rider or Addendum to the contract, which contains specific or additional provisions that may have been discussed between the parties, but may not have been included at the time the contract was signed. Once the Rider is completed, it is then sent to the Seller or Seller’s Attorney for review. Once the parties are able to agree upon all additional provisions of the Contract, the Attorney Review portion of the Closing is completed, and you are one-step closer to getting into your new home!

Inspection Contingency

A majority of times, Buyers may not have the ability, time, or knowledge to inspect the home they wish to purchase at the time that they first see the house. Other times, a Seller may not accurately or in detail disclose any and all issues with the home in their Seller’s Disclosure. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello not only ensures that his client’s interests are protected with respect to allow a detailed inspection of the home, but most importantly, Mr. Scotto D’Aniello assists each of his clients through the inspection phase of the closing to address any issues that may arise after an inspection is performed. Typically, Buyers have anywhere from ten to fourteen days from the conclusion of Attorney Review to hire a professional home inspection company to come inspect the home and render an inspection report. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello reviews the inspection report line by line with his clients and addresses each item that his client may believe is of concern that may not have been visible or noticeable at the time the client visited the home.

Mortgage Contingency

As a first-time home buyer, many of Mr. Scotto D’Aniello’s clients need to obtain a mortgage to purchase the home. Typically, a home buyer is required to obtain a mortgage commitment within thirty-five days from the conclusion of attorney review. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello personally assists each of his clients with the relationship with their lender, but provides exceptional service to ensure that all parameters are timely met to secure a mortgage commitment with the lender. If a client is unable or unsuccessful at obtaining a mortgage commitment through a specific lender, Mr. Scotto D’Aniello assists his clients in locating a new lender that meets the client’s financial needs, all while protecting the client’s interests with respect to the Mortgage Contingency requirement of the Contract.

Title Commitment

Mr. Scotto D’Aniello personally participates in each phase and aspect of the deal in the best interests of his clients. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello assists in organizing and managing all aspects of the closing including the contract, inspection, and mortgage, but also with Title. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello works closely with Title Agencies with professional title insurance services who specialize in obtaining title insurance for your new home. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello not only ensures that his clients are represented by a reputable Title Agency, but ensures that each Title Agency his clients use provide Title Insurance protecting all financial interests of the client in case there is any future issues with respect to the Title searches or ownership interests of the property. For example, it is imperative to know as a first-time home buyer that not only is the Seller selling the property free and clear of any outstanding liens or encumbrances on the Property, but most importantly, that the home is being sold by an individual or individuals who have a sole equitable interest in the home, and that no other individual or entity is asserting a lien on the property. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello assists his clients by finding the right Title Agency that not only provides fair and reasonable rates, but provides all necessary services to ensure the client’s financial protection up and through the closing.


During the closing process, your lender may require that the home being purchase be appraised to ensure that it is valued at the price that they are providing a specific mortgage for. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello assists his client through this process by communicating with the Lender to arrange and schedule the appraisal, but also assists his clients with any issues that may arise from an underappraisal of the property.


Once all of the necessary contingencies and phases of the closing are complete, it is now time to schedule the Closing! Mr. Scotto D’Aniello personally appears and each of his client’s Closing to ensure a smooth and efficient closing. Many times, clients can be overwhelmed at the amount of paperwork that has to be reviewed and signed on the day of closing. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello takes his time to explain each and every document that his client is signing, ensures that all necessary items of the Seller are removed from the property, and manages all aspects of the Closing leading his clients to receive the keys to their new home in their hands on closing day!

Contact JSD Legal, LLC for a FREE consultation about your real estate transaction at (908) 421-3668. You can feel confident in knowing that Mr. Scotto D’Aniello and his team prioritize excellent communication with his clients. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello works hard to make sure your real estate buying experience is as painless and stress-free as possible. We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be, especially if you are a first-time homeowner. Allow our firm to be a part in facilitating this important time in your life by taking the lead and ensuring an effective and efficient closing process.

Contact us today to find out how having the lawyer representing you can make a world of difference in real estate transaction.

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