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About JSD Legal

Our goal at JSD Legal is to provide the highest quality of legal services to our clients in a timely fashion. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello’s experience and passion for his career ensures a defense for his clients that is second to none. The penalties for a DWI conviction are severe; however, you do not have to accept the mandatory penalties and are entitled to a defense for the charges and penalties that have been brought against you. A large misconception for many individuals is that you are required to show up to court and plead your innocence. In fact, this is not the case at all. The State possesses the burden to prove you guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello will formulate a specific strategy to your individual case to maximize your chances of having your fines and penalties reduced, or even dismissed completely. Each client at JSD Legal receives Mr. Scotto D’Aniello’s personal attention, and provides time and dedication to his client at all hours of the day, even on weekends.

If you are charged with a DWI or DUI, you may be entitled to a Public Defender that will be provided by the Court. Public Defenders are licensed attorneys who are genuinely sincere in their desire to assist you. However, Public Defenders are also understaffed, underpaid, and overworked with too many cases to be able to give you case the attention it deserves. Our comprehensive criminal defense strategies and dedication to our clients allow us to obtain the best results for your case.

JSD Legal also provides assistance to driver with moving violations, which may carry high penalties to include fines, surcharges, motor vehicle points, and even loss of license. It is crucial to have representation by an experienced attorney to achieve the best results.

Mr. Scotto D’Aniello is relentless in his pursuit of justice for each one of his clients. Mr. Scotto D’Aniello is a tireless advocate who will not rest until he has secured the best possible result for his clients. His attention to detail and thorough investigation of the case ensures that every angle of a case has been taken into consideration and examined.

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